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About La Soupista

For the love of stories and soup.

Soup has long been my comfort food of choice. In recent years, since I have become a mother, I have developed a renewed appreciation for soup, specifically the nourishment it can provide to both pre and post natal moms. I began studying and learning about various cultures that place a lot of importance on mothers, in the weeks and months following birth: healing, building strength and providing fuel rich in nutrients for promoting good milk supply. After researching various ingredients including: herbs, vegetables, grains, legumes and meats, I turned to my kitchen and started creating soups of my own. Ultimately, I have explored making soups of all kinds benefiting anyone who wants to eat healthy. In the last year, my adventures have expanded to preparing soups for others.

I have also discovered that my new little passion has come with a sidekick, writing. By creating soups for others I have experienced that every bowl of soup I make brings to mind a story. La Soupista recounts tales of motherhood, family, travel, adventure  and culture.  Although there is no chronology to the stories, as they are told at random, I try my best to be seasonal with the soups and the ingredients. Ultimately, my descriptions are meant to inspire others to cook creatively.

Bon Appetit!

-La Soupista.


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